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Famous landmarks

There a lot of landmarks in the world that make the country the landmarks that make it unique and special. This is a man-made landmark. These landmarks attract millions of tourists each year. Some of these landmarks are built for a reason and because it is man-made the countries take good care of it. 

Eiffel Tower in France

This is a three-story metal tower it is made in 1889. The tower was built through the French revolution. It is 1062ft long has 704 stairs. Since 2016(the opening)250 million people have visited it. It is a man-made structure. 

In French, the Eiffel Tower is the La Tour Tower.  Every seven years they use 50 tons of paint to repaint the tower. Under the tower, there is a tunnel that is used for the military. 

 The great wall of china

 The wall is built with stone, wood, and brick. It took the people 2000 years to build. The reason this wall was built to protect the chinses people from invasion. The wall is 13 170 70 miles in length. It took one million people to build the wall, and some people died while building it. 

The wall is spared through the whole city of China. if you are a person who loves history the wall is perfect for you because in 1987 it is owned for historical destination       

Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

the Giza pyramids it the oldest pyramid in the world. The period if they built took 20 years to finish. The pharaohs are bury used to bury according to the power the pharaohs had. When the pharaohs died, they are mummified and laid in a sarcophagus and storage in the pyramids. 

The poor people are buried in the sand and have a gravestone with it. Some pharaohs killed their own servants. If you like to see one of the most historic buildings that mustn’t be rebuild and love to understand how the Egyptians lived the pyramids are there for you to see and learn.   

Some of these landmarks are known for their long-lost history and standstill today. Some of these landmark constructions must be done over but it still stands. All of these landmarks are man-made, made by people who were punished to do it, made such a great way to tell their story and some need to rebuild but a part of it still stands as it did.

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